About Our Bellezza Cashmere

When thinking of Cashmere, an understated Luxury comes to mind, a softness, an ageless elegance – the timelessness of style.

Cashmere gets its name from Kashmir, the region where cashmere production and trade originated.

Bellezza cashmere comes from Inner Mongolia, where the winters are extremely harsh, resulting in the ultimate luxurious quality 26/2 yarn. The shawls are completed in South Africa where the trims are attached.

Your luxurious cashmere shawl is presented in a beautiful gift box, for safe keeping, together with a cashmere comb and cedar wood heart. The gift boxes are made in Cape Town from recycled material and the cedar wood hearts are handcrafted in the Knysna forest region.

Even with the best quality cashmere, normal wear and tear over time can produce pilling and sadly no one is entirely safe from the dreaded moths who love cashmere as much as we do. The Cashmere comb provides you with a safe and easy way to remove any pilling. The beautifully hand crafted Bellezza cedar wood heart expels moths. An occasional light sanding, restores the aromatic aroma of the cedar wood heart.

The bellezza shawl is the ultimate gift for someone who has everything. It is a classic investment item, timeless fashion accessory and most desirable travel companion.

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Picture of Rectangle 100% Cashmere Shawl

Rectangle 100% Cashmere Shawl

Rectangle 100% Cashmere Shawl
R 4 600.00
Picture of Superfine 100% Woven Cashmere

Superfine 100% Woven Cashmere

Superfine 100% Woven Cashmere
R 3 500.00
Picture of Cashmere Comb

Cashmere Comb

Cashmere Comb
R 110.00

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